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With access to deep water and capable of receiving cape-size vessels, located in NW Europe, Savage Resource has optioned a terminal facility for receiving, trans-loading, inland distribution (rail, barge, truck), processing and storage of all types of bulk materials, including biomass and SRF/RDF/TDF.


With respect to coal and iron ore, the terminal facilities will be capable of receiving qualities compliant with the principle physical coal and ore trading specifications and associated indices, providing washing, screening and blending facilities capable of producing fuel specifications to meet emission reduction targets. Product is sold FORail, FOBarge, FOTruck. The terminal has equipment to take advantage of quality arbitrage and operational requirements for power plants, steel mills, cement plants, mining houses and traders alike.


Positioned at the hub of Europe’s industrial capabilities, economic distribution and transhipment of product originating from many different sources is far reaching, feeding the markets of northern Europe and Scandinavia to the Mediterranean, UAE / MENA as well as continental Europe.


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