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Bulgaria will join Poland in an appeal against a European Commission decision to impose stricter limits on toxic pollutants coal-fired plants emit, the government said on Wednesday. Bulgarian coal-fired power plants produce about 40 percent of its electricity; the government has said the new rules pose risks to its energy security and economic competitiveness.


Solar power in Mexico is cheaper than natural gas and coal for power generation. The latest auctions for power generation were $20/MWh for solar compared with $40-80/MWh for gas and coal. LatAm will account for 11% of global PV demand by 2022, up from 3% last year. In the final quarter of 2017 alone, Latin America added a total of 3.4 GW of capacity across Argentina, Brazil, Chile and Mexico.


The government is expected to modify its import regs on thermal coal to allow high sulphur (>1-4%) coals to be consumed by its power industry. The main importing power plants are pushing the government to relax its rules so they can take advantage of cheaper coals from the United States. They can be $20/t cheaper than Russian and South African coals.


New emission limits in the UK on coal-fired power generators from October 1 2025 could force them close if they are not equipped with carbon capture technology.  The UK government is setting an emission limit of up to 450 grams of CO2 for each kilowatt hour of electricity produced. It will remove the most polluting plants from the UK. The UK said it would end unabated coal-fired generation by 2025 in 2015. This was two years after it imposed prohibitive carbon taxes on coal of nearly £20/t.






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