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France Shutting down some of France’s older nuclear plants will not result in an increase of the country’s CO2 emissions, according to its government; just how remains to be seen. There is a concern that some of the ageing nuke plants will be replaced by gas-fired technology. The French Government will decide in early 2019 on the proportion of nuclear in the country’s generation mix.

Germany Germany’s faltering Merkel coalition agreed to a new plan on cutting CO2 emissions by 55% by 2030. They also agreed to phase out coal fired generation, but without offering a timeline.  Germany is one of the biggest polluters in Europe. They also intend to draft a joint proposal with France to introduce a European carbon floor price.

Global Gas in all its forms, including biogas and bio-methane will overtake oil as the primary source of global energy by 2040 and coal by 2030, according to BP. BP is estimating global demand for gas to increase by 1.6% per year, primarily led by growth from China. Oil demand is expected to grow by 0.8% year on year over the same period.




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