Savage Resource | Operating Partner
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Operating Partner

Authority | Capability | Experience | Innovation

Savage Resource has considerable experience in providing contracted services to build international trading operations related to industrial, commodities, mining, energy, waste, shipping and logistics companies.


Appointed as an operating partner or transitional management in under-performing investments and businesses we:

Assess the value inhibitor.
Identify the best change option.
Deliver changes to an agreed plan and outcome.


Private Equity (PE) firms, hedge funds and investors acquiring companies or businesses do so to create stronger, more competitive and more profitable enterprises thus creating better exit options, irrespective of capital market conditions. Companies within a PE portfolio that have been materially transformed under active ownership and hands-on style management are often better placed from traditional PE portfolio management to select between multiple attractive exit alternatives. Savage Resource and associates provide executive management skills working within the PE firm.


We work closely within PE and with investors acquiring businesses that are under performing relative to their potential. We assess a situation, assist in developing a plan and effect change. We work closely with the management to improve long-term profitability. Operating improvement, is as valuable as multiple expansion or excessive going-in leverage. Operating improvement translates into increased enterprise value producing lower risk adjusted investment returns.


We considers participation in value propositions from stakeholders and financial institutions that are facing up to the realities of poor analysis, inadequate resource data, incorrect investment advice and adverse market conditions. With a network of unrivalled knowledge we are able to focus, implement and deliver strategies, offering and executing autonomous solutions or a merger-consolidation-aggregation of interests. We provide operating solutions; our value propositions are structured using guiding principles, the focus on creating greater economic value for our clients and partners alike. We offer solutions that meet compliance and CSR; participating in managing and operating assets. We are incentivised from managing risk using a combination of fee based, equity participation, and royalty management payment structures, clearly demonstrating our commitment to create value.


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