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European Power

Smaller gas plants in Germany are being de-mothballed on higher power prices and tighter supply on lower wind availability. Base load power prices are assessed at €42-44/MWh, in line with IW2E’s September forecast. Coal plants are running well in Germany, but not high enough to absorb an over-supply. The Green Party is calling for the immediate closure of 20 highest emitting coal plants. Base load spot prices in France are at plus €60-62/MWh for month-ahead contracts, up €6-8 on the last IW2E update. They did peak at €64/t MWh since the last IW2E update its ageing nuclear fleet has been facing tough inspections and safety standards. This winter a maximum of four to five of EDF’s nuclear reactors will be offline compared to nine last winter.  The Fessenheim 2 reactor would not be restarted as expected in January. Most of the fleet is operating normally. UK base load prices are up to $51-53/MWh –colder temperatures are impacting power demand, up from $50-51/MWh on the last IW2E issue. NBP natural gas prices are over £50/MWh. An ongoing strike by power workers in France cut nuclear output by 1 GW on 16 November. French nuke output was at a record low in October. A Dutch court has rejected an attempt to cap production at the Groningen gas field at 21.6bcm following concerns about earthquakes. EU carbon prices are well supported in a range of €7-8/t. They reached €8/t earlier this month for longer-dated contracts, the highest carbon price for nearly two years.

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