Savage Resource | Corporate Finance Investment
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Corporate Finance Investment

Authority | Capability | Experience | Innovation

With a focus on mining, alternative fuel and responsible renewables investments we provide the sources of funding and the capital structure for corporations, managing the actions required to increase the value of the business to the shareholders. Our primary goal is to both maximize and increase shareholder value.


In respect of mining investments our preference is engaging in projects with LOM expectancy, growth and expansion of +5 years. Compliant reserves and potential logistic capability are important as are permits. We value a contiguous reserve and inferred resource plans. We are comfortable in grass roots exploration but prefer early development projects with compliant geological data. We transact efficiently during an exclusive period of time agreed, with the idea to create value for shareholders reflecting the asset today, but more importantly, the asset “tomorrow“ with its own management, corporate structure, and funding. Our team of corporate advisors are highly respected with both trade institutional investors and investment management companies and are also familiar with IPO’s RTO’s.


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