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About Us

Authority | Capability | Experience | Innovation

Who we are

Focused on industry, commodities, natural resources, energy, alternative fuels, waste to energy (W2E, RDF, SRF), energy from waste (EFW), biomass, logistics and related operating infrastructure and investment, Savage Resource provides six key performance service functions and solutions:

Our Services

Physical Trading


Energy Products including coal, coke, pet coke, Alternative Fuels, waste-to-energy products (RDF, SRF, TDF), biomass and various other minerals and petrochemicals. We arrange and finance transactions by structuring, long-term purchase and sale contracts, tolling and other supply arrangements with our trading partners.

Trading Partnerships


Working with international and region specific companies providing trading capabilities and knowledge that meet the highest expectations. An established global network of partnerships with producing assets and the consuming markets.

Shipping & Transportation


We arrange the direct charter and management of all types of vessels and barges, rail and road transportation for bulk, loose and containerised product.

Risk Management


In mitigating risk for our trading activities we insist all shipments be insured 110% of the price delivery basis for loss, damage, theft, contamination, etc. When required, we use risk management tools to hedge our cargoes in order to avoid any exposure to price fluctuation.

Project Development


Supporting business opportunities with our trading partners our group and associates bring qualified companies to private organisation, government and investors interested in alternative energy and commodity development projects. We have pipeline projects and acquisition funding opportunities in the Americas, Europe and the Pacific. We target projects requiring investments between $30m and $500m facilitating trade flows, trade finance and capital, providing innovative solution for alternative fuels, waste-to-energy products (RDF, SRF, TDF), biomass, coal, iron ore, limestone, minerals and metals

In-Country Expertise


Operating from the UK we pride ourselves on our global reach with associate offices in Bogota (Sloane Energy Investment Corporation), Johannesburg (Evolution Capital Partners) and Mozambique (PacMoz) providing the daily inter-action required to coordinate our activities.


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