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Privately owned we are supported by and work with the utmost discretion with public and private companies, banks, financial institutions, and, UHNW family offices. Trading, Marketing Agent, Consultancy, Operating Partner & Transitional Management, Capital Advisory & Project Development, Infrastructure & Investment, Commodities, Coal, Bulks, Energy Products, Recyclables, Shipping, Logistics, Natural Resources, Mining, Energy, Waste to Energy, Alternative Fuels (SRF & RDF), Low Carbon Engineered Fuel Bio Pellets.
Trading, Marketing Agent, Consultancy, Operating Partner & Transitional Management, Capital Advisory & Project Development, Infrastructure & Investment, Commodities, Coal, Bulks, Energy Products, Recyclables, Shipping, Logistics, Natural Resources, Mining, Energy, Waste to Energy, Alternative Fuels (SRF & RDF), Low Carbon Engineered Fuel Bio Pellets.
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Privately owned we are supported by and work with the utmost discretion with public and private companies, banks, financial institutions, UHNW family offices. Operating from the UK we pride ourselves on our global reach including associate offices in Australia (Evolution Capital Partners) and Colombia (Sloane Energy Group) providing the daily inter-action required coordinating our activities in Europe, Pacific Rim and Americas.



Trading | Marketing Agent & Consultant | Commodities | Coal | Bulks | Energy Products | Recyclables | Shipping | Logistics | Natural Resources | Mining | Energy | Waste-to-Energy | Alternative Fuels (including SRF & RDF) | Low Carbon Engineered Fuel Bio Pellets | Operating Partner & Transitional Management | Capital Advisory & Project Development | Infrastructure & Investment. 



Physical Trading | Trading Partnerships | Consultancy: Energy Products – including coal, coke, pet coke, alternative fuels, waste-to-energy, bio-fuels | minerals | petrochemicals. We arrange and finance transactions by structuring, long-term purchase and sale contracts, tolling and other supply arrangements with our trading partners.An established global network of partnerships with producing assets and the consuming markets. In mitigating risk for our trading activities we insist all shipments be insured 110% of the price delivery basis for loss, damage, theft, contamination, etc. When required, we use risk management tools to hedge our cargoes in order to avoid any exposure to price fluctuation.

Shipping | Transportation | Logistics: Using our specialist knowledge and experience of mine-to-market production and logistics we arrange the direct charter and management of all types of vessels and barges, rail and road transportation for bulk, loose and containerised product creating and managing added value and arbitrage opportunities in the global trade of bulks and containerised products. We trade using the full range of Incoterms meeting international trading and compliance standards in the markets we serve.

Risk Management: The availability of index based price discovery often leaves thin margins to be realized from the spreads. Value is often left on the table. Our expertise in physical flows, logistics and quality arbitrage enables maximum value to be realized from index based or algorithmic positions, evaluating the option to either remain floating or to move into a fixed price transaction.

Experience: We have been trading and facilitating for 30 years, originating and marketing in the Americas, Europe, UAE, India, China, Asia and the Pacific Rim working with a network of senior and junior mining companies, ship owners, funding institutions and banks; executing spot transactions, off-take agreements, multi-year supply agreements, and anchor agreements for anchor tenancies in terminals and stockyards.



The route to market for VIU (Value-In-Use) Alternative Energy Fuels requires a clear understanding of in-country legislation, compliance and permitting. Product development to meet demanding specifications is critical to enable the production of sustainable homogenous quality alternatives with better value-in-use comparators (low carbon, high bio content) than conventional fossil fuels, that can be traded as a standardized commodity for energy production in power generation, CHP plants, industrial processes, kilns, cement production, incinerators and conventional coal-fired power plants (co-firing). In respect of Basic Alternative Fuels such as SRF (Solid Recovered Fuel) and RDF (Refuse Derived Fuel), primarily used in incineration or pre-calciners/kilns,  using our data base and experience of fuel and energy markets we provide a full range of services for the front-end or upstream collection of suitable selected waste origination and the back-end or downstream solutions for these waste-to-energy feedstocks and bio-fuels including the logistics to service energy providers and consumers.



We originate stable and sustainable sources of selected sustainable residual SRF streams and through a physical transition production process with the addition of a Conditioner Additive we produce a Low Carbon Engineered Fuel Pellet with a biomass content of approximately 50%. The pellet has a comparable calorific value to coal, has lower carbon content, and can be used as a replacement fuel for coal, lignite and petroleum coke.



Environment – Clean Coal – Energy Fuels From Waste – Emission Reductions – Value-In-Use: Using our vast database of steam (thermal) coals and coking (metallurgical) coals we are able to offer clients and partners services relating to quality, analysis and geology of coals from all major coal basins and developing resources dealing with complex issues including: Combustion – Blending – Coking – Emissions – Petrographics – Rheology. There are significant and continually evolving changes in the way power plants operate to meet emission targets and are able to arbitrage different coals. There is a far greater appetite for off-spec or non-indexed coals as utilities price in the cost of sulphur removal and other polluting contaminants. There will be a greater flexibility on using different coals due to changing requirements to deal with tightening emissions limits for oxides of nitrogen (NOx) and in most cases require additional investment in the coal-fired power station fleet. The earth’s resources are said to be consumed at x7 the rate at which they evolve; Energy Fuels recovered from alternative sources including waste are a rich source of new-energy that will preserve our natural resources. We understand the mechanical and chemical characteristics of the different waste sources and their applications and compliance to European Codes and the Basel Convention. Our expertise in this area is a natural extension to our fossil fuel technical capabilities.



Capital Advisory: Seeking shareholder liquidity or growth capital? With a focus on natural resources & mining, alternative fuel & bio-fuels, energy & waste-to-energy, logistics & infrastructure we advise and provide sources of funding and capital structure for corporations and manage the actions required to increase the value of the business to the shareholders. Our primary goal is to both maximize and increase shareholder value. We transact efficiently during an exclusive period of time agreed, creating and building value for shareholders. Our team of corporate advisers are highly experienced professionals in the space we operate, respected with institutional investors and private investment management companies, familiar with IPO’s RTO’s.

Project Development: Supporting business opportunities with our trading partners our group and associates bring qualified companies to private organisation, government and investors interested in alternative energy and commodity development projects. We have pipeline projects and acquisition funding opportunities in the Americas, Europe and the Pacific. We target projects requiring investments between $30m and $500m facilitating trade flows, trade finance and capital, providing innovative solution for alternative fuels (SRF, RDF), waste-to-energy, engineered bio-fuels, coal, iron ore, limestone, minerals and metals.

Infrastructure – Mining: In respect of mining infrastructure many major mining houses are restricting capex to brown field projects and the extension of existing reserves; we identify and manage capital (equity and debt) to finance, fund and build out infrastructure and facilitate the movement of product to market, enabling the miner to focus on (i) best practise to reduce unit costs of saleable product (ii) marketing and maximizing revenue and income. The miner’s throughput tonnage enables us to fund and build out the infrastructure. The miner gains from an off-balance sheet transaction.

Infrastructure – Waste to Energy: The same principles and hurdles apply to building out waste-to-energy infrastructure as to mining infrastructure. This emerging market draws parallels with other mature energy markets including coal, coke, gas and oil. The value-in-use and quality of W2E products is significant for both front-end waste providers and back-end energy consumers. We are at the forefront of this market providing advisory and technical services aligned with commercial considerations for clients in this sector. By evaluating and establishing economic value chains and arbitrage opportunities we enable effective decisions to be made for both transactional and structured contracts.



As an Operating Partner or Transitional Management Partner for under-performing investments and businesses we provide contracted services to build international trading operations related to commodities, mining, energy, alternative fuels and bio-fuels, waste to energy, shipping and logistics companies using 3 guiding principles:

  • Assess the value inhibitor
  • Identify the best change option
  • Deliver changes to an agreed plan and outcome

Private Equity (PE) firms, hedge funds and investors acquiring companies or businesses do so to create stronger, more competitive and more profitable enterprises thus creating better exit options, irrespective of capital market conditions. PE investments that have been materially transformed under active ownership and hands-on style management are better placed to exit successfully than the traditional formula driven PE spreadsheet portfolio. Savage Resource and associates provide executive management skills working within the PE investment. We represent and protect PE and Investors in the target acquisition decision process and in improving businesses that are under performing relative to their potential. We assess a situation, develop a plan and effect change working with management to improve sustainable long-term profitability. Operating improvement is as valuable as multiple expansion or excessive going-in leverage and translates into increased enterprise value producing lower risk adjusted investment returns. We consider our participation in value propositions from stakeholders and financial institutions that are facing up to the realities of poor analysis, inadequate resource data, incorrect investment advice and adverse market conditions. With a network of unrivalled knowledge we are able to focus, implement and deliver strategies, offering and executing autonomous solutions or a merger-consolidation-aggregation of interests. Our Operating Solutions are structured value propositions using our guiding principles: creating greater economic value for our clients and partners. We are incentivised based on our contribution with a combination of fee based, equity participation, and royalty management payment structures, clearly demonstrating our commitment to create value.


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